Kathy Howe aka SedonaKathy

Welcome to my home site!

It’s all about the personal Kathy…family & friends


If you are looking for the kitties, go to Cassiesstory.com

If you are looking for how2educate, my RE school, go to how2educate.com

If you are looking for how2arizona real estate, my RE company, go to how2arizona.com

For how2realty referrals, my RE referral company, go to how2realtyreferrals.com 

If you want to find SedonaKathy, go to sedonakathy.com 

Mi Casa:

SedonaKathy's house Manzanita Hills Sunset in Sedona

Living in Sedona is my kind of weather all except June, July, and August.  I’m a pansy in hot humid weather and Sedona’s weather can get into the 100s during these months.  Along with the higher temps we get 60-70% humidity, but 9 months of perfect weather.










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